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Landscape Designer | Hard Scape | Serving the Midwest




These Guys have helped me beautify several projects...They have helped me shore up a host of projects, bringing to life my ideas without breaking my back or my bank.
They are thorough and serious about what they do...And they stand behind their work. Getting acquainted with them has been a wonderful experience.
I am proud to suggest them as a recommendation to others.

- Brian Straub

Beautiful flowers start with good soil preparation and mulching, and Arbors Edge made our patio beds the most beautiful ever seen. People stopped to ask how we made them grow so large and lush, and many took pictures to send to friends. We're looking forward to spring and the return of planting season so Arbors Edge can once again make us the envy of the neighborhood.
- Jan Larson

I have used Arbors Edge now for all my yard work needs. They come on time and do a really great job on whatever I ask them to accomplish.
- Dot Winkler, Bloomington, IN

We have used Arbors Edge for several projects and found their expertise very satisfactory and rewarding. They are articulate in their endeavors and make every attempt toward satisfaction of the customer.
- Marshall L. Baxter, Bloomington, IN

Arbors Edge did such an amazing job to my landscape and I couldn't be more thankful!
- Nicholas Scott

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